About the History Center

The Minnesota History Center provides a place for visitors to discover their connections to the past.

This landmark building houses an award-winning museum, a library housing the state’s historical documents, meeting spaces of all sorts, a museum store, and the Market House cafe. It’s also home to the Minnesota Historical Society’s collections and archives.



Collecting items from the state’s past helps illuminate Minnesota history, and the museum’s award-winning, interactive exhibits present these collections at visitors’ fingertips. Each exhibit is designed to immerse visitors old and young in the stories of the past. Featuring voices of real people reminiscing about their experiences, special effects, and opportunities to learn while playing, the commitment to authenticity is apparent at every turn.

Art and architecture.

Art and architecture

The Minnesota History Center has been called the finest building constructed in Minnesota since the State Capitol was completed in 1905. The building and the resources it holds together form the history — and future — of Minnesota.