Schedule Your Experience: Minnesota History Center

Step 1: gather information

  • School name, address and phone number
  • Name of group contact who will receive confirmation materials
  • Grade level(s)
  • Date and time you want to schedule your visit, with two alternate dates
  • Number of students
  • Number of chaperones
  • Lunch plans (outdoor space available mid April – June 1, weather permitting)
  • Decide on program and additional field trip options
  • Accommodations for special needs your group requires

Step 2: contact the scheduling office

Field trip details

Field trip schedule

All groups need to have 10 or more participants otherwise group minimums apply. Advanced reservations are required two weeks prior to any field trip.

Reduced program costs

Any school in Minnesota with 50% or more of its students enrolled in the Federal Free and Reduced Lunch Program is eligible for a reduction in museum costs. To increase access for students and teachers, we offer numerous scholarships and subsidies to help offset the costs of field trips, bus transportation, education programs.

Transportation and lodging support


  • Lunch space is available at no additional charge. Reservations required.
  • Weather permitting, outdoor lunch space is available beginning mid-April. In the case of inclement weather, indoor lunch accommodations will not be made for groups without a prior reservation.
  • Lunch periods (25 minutes) are scheduled on the half hour from 11 am - 1:30 pm (weekdays only).
  • There are no vending machines, refrigerators or microwaves for school group use.
  • Groups from multiple schools may share lunchroom space.

Call 1-888-387-5008 if accommodations need to be made for allergies or accessibility needs.

Help Minnesota History Center reduce, recycle, and reuse!

Minnesota History Center is committed to helping students recycle and compost their field trip lunch.

On average, a school of 200 students generates 75 pounds of compostable waste each week. Minnesota History Center has around 32,000 school visitors each year which can result in almost 2,500 pounds of compostable waste!

You can do your part! Talk with students about composting and how to properly dispose of their lunches before your visit with these helpful resources:

Minnesota History Center

345 West Kellogg Boulevard  
St. Paul, MN 55102  
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  • $8 per student
  • +$2 per lesson per student
  • $80-$120 minimum group fee (depending on program)
  • District staff FREE
  • One free adult per five students. Additional chaperones invoiced at student rate.
  • Admission costs are for anyone age 4 and over

Billing information

No payment will be accepted the day of the field trip. All schools will be invoiced after their trip. For more information see our Program Policies.

Cancellation fee

Cancellations must be received 14 days before your trip. See our Program Policies. Contact us at 1-888-387-5008 if you need to reschedule.