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Minnesota's historic places resonate in all of us. They take us out of ourselves, bring us back to a special moment in time, evoke memories of a shared past.

From the ancient carvings at Jeffers Petroglyphs to Split Rock Lighthouse soaring over Lake Superior's North Shore, these special places teach us about our past and illuminate our way to the future.

As a member of the Minnesota Historical Society, you'll take your place in history as a supporter of what makes Minnesota a vibrant, engaging state with a rich past and promising future.

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I had not been to our State Capitol since 2nd grade. Now, 50 years later, it was a Historical Society tour invitation that brought me back. I was overwhelmed by the magnificent treasure we have in our midst. Everyone in Minnesota should see it!
I was hurrying across the yard of the Ramsey House and much to my surprise came face to face with Alexander Ramsey himself!
Our Adventure Club of 12 seniors enjoys visits to the History Center and lunch in Cafe Minnesota.
The Ramsey House cookie baking event was wonderful- our Cub Scout den did it- fantastic!
Years ago, author Alex Haley spoke to members at an annual meeting of MHS about researching and writing the book Roots: The Saga of an American Family. It was a memorable experience for the audience he held captive.
Being a big Betsy-Tacy fan, I loved seeing the history player of Maud Hart Lovelace. It was fun to see Maud come to life and to see her writings appreciated and celebrated.
It was a joy watching parents and children do arts and crafts projects. Seeing the reaction of the family was a delight.
Oh the excitement of reading a mother’s maiden name on microfilm or the MHS Web site and realizing this is the missing link to take the family history one more generation back! Thank you!
The library is priceless. I recently needed photos of St. Paul during the 1940’s, and you had a wonderful collection of scenes from the entire city. Thank you for your ongoing dedication to archiving both the outstanding and the mundane in our state.
The History Center is a first-class facility. We enjoy a visit anytime we can get to St. Paul and are happy to support the mission of the Minnesota Historical Society!
My son and I came to the History Center one day to research wild rice for a school project. We made some inquiries, and before we knew it a volunteer appeared with a cart full of interesting stuff about wild rice and proceeded to explain all about it. What a wonderful resource!
We love Kelley Farm!My kids are bored with other zoos and museums.They love the interaction with the animals and history guides.
We enjoyed a full afternoon at the Kelley Farm with our grandkids. A fun experience was watching the large sow wallow to the water bucket, drink and plunge into the mud to cool off.
Go barn NOW! was the first three word sentence our 20-month-old son said. It meant we were supposed to go to the Oliver Kelley Farm.
I enjoy the magazine and love the summer music concerts. Keep doing the great job you are doing!
The special members-only night tour of the Capitol in August with the Quadriga viewing was magical.
Everything about our visit to Mill City Museum was good. We enjoyed the wood cut prints of Charles Beck so much we purchased two of them for our own home from the museum shop.
Our favorite thing at the History Center was the exhibit on farming featuring the old grain elevator and a chance to challenge our horse power. Keep up the great work!
Split Rick Lighthouse is a family favorite. It was part of the honeymoon trip for two of our children, and when remodeling our kitchen I insisted that our new pantry be modeled after the pantry in the Keeper’s House!
The Lower Sioux Agency site was particularly interesting and peaceful, and the Jeffers Petroglyphs were so compelling that I know I will return again and again.
Some years ago I went to see the Virginia banner captured during the Battle of Gettysburg- seeing it so closely I could almost touch it! It suddenly made Gettysburg a part of my life.
For as many years as we have lived in Minnesota and driven to the North Shore we never stopped at the NW Fur Post. What a gem! Our oldest son decided life as an Indian before the mid 1800’s was the life he was meant to live.
As a mom who home schools two daughters, the Minnesota Historical Society is an invaluable resource that brings history alive.The girls love visiting the sites and taking part in home school days at the History Center.
I reviewed a death certificate while doing genealogical research at the History Center Library; much to my surprise, I found that the clerk listed the sex of the deceased as mail!
My granddaughter loved the Greyhound bus in the MN150 exhibit at the History Center; she enjoyed driving it for a long time.
We had a very nice visit to the Forest History Center. The view from the fire tower was great and the staff was very friendly.
I checked out early issues of the Granite Falls Tribune during a trip to the History Center and was happily surprised to see an announcement my father had written inviting people to a church service conducted in English on the front page of a paper dated Sept. 1883.
I travel from California to visit MHS every year. The research center staff always goes out of their way to help me locate family records. I wish I could visit more often.
One of the largest organizations of its kind in the United States, the Minnesota Historical Society is actually nine years older than the state itself.