Transcript for Dakota Elder Carrie Schommer Video

Carrie Schommer

The first time I came out here was with a group of elders.

And just to be here and then to go out there where everything is at,  where our people probably roamed and came to visit and gather together.

You felt that.

I always feel very comfortable and at ease — just myself  when I'm out here and when you walk around out there and just take your  time and it's like everything you feel and that is around is you're  walking amongst the spirit of all our people.

And I know that they do enjoy our company.

And the things, the signs, everything they left out there  for us is to remind us of who we are.

So I really appreciate, and this place and I appreciate the people that  work at keeping it looking and just welcoming everyone here at all times.

It's a pretty special place.

It's more than special.

If you can walk away from anything with the feeling that I  have, that I'm here I guess the whole world would be a special place because  it is great feeling when I leave here.

I, just being here today, I haven't felt some of the things that I usually  feel physically and I'm just getting over bronchitis, and I hate to be  feeling anything of that at all today.

So I think it's a pretty special place.

And I wish and I hope that everyone that comes here we can leave that  message with them when they leave here or they will get that message when they  come — leave here — that it is special — and that they would come back.

Everyone would want to come back here.