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Nearly 1 million annual visitors to our museums and  historic sites 3.5 million

2019 Oct / Nov

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Sponsorship is a creative and effective way to achieve corporate marketing objectives.

Corporate sponsors of the Minnesota Historical Society enjoy affiliation with award-winning special exhibitions, educational and community programs, events and a network of 26 historic sites and museums throughout Minnesota. The Society’s Premier Partners benefit from the highest level of Society-wide recognition and access through a year-long association.

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Society sponsorships offer brand visibility through marketing and communications, exclusive entertainment and promotional opportunities, on-site presence, and access to over 300,000 students and educators, 20,000 members, and nearly 1 million visitors statewide.
Experienced sponsorship staff can tailor sponsor recognition and benefit packages that best meet a company’s needs for community involvement, branding and lead generation, client entertainment, marketing and sales, public relations, and employee benefits.

To learn how a partnership with the Minnesota Historical Society can meet your marketing and business objectives, please contact Caitlin McGowan at 651-259-3134 or caitlin.mcgowan@mnhs.org.

Premier Partners