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Saint Paul, MN 55102


Erik Rogers
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New and Increased North Star Circle Members

The Minnesota Historical Society gratefully acknowledges the support of the following donors. These special friends have either joined the North Star Circle or increased their North Star Circle giving since July 1, 2014. 


Guarantor - $25,000+

Peter and Patricia Frechette


Founder - $10,000+

Martha S. Anderson in memory of Keith Anderson


Partner - $5,000+

Pete and Margie Ankeny*

Blythe Brenden-Mann 

Robert Book and Elizabeth Cherne Book

A. William and Judy Cherne

Charlton Dietz*

Robin Dietz-Mayfield and Jack Mayfield

Mr. and Mrs. William B. Frels

David and Terry Gilberstadt

O.C. Hognander, Jr.

Harry G. McNeely, Jr.

Tom and Laura Rasmussen

William Stoeri and Susan Johnston


Leader - $2,500+


Samuel and Susie Bell*

Alexandra O. Bjorklund*

Dennis and Nancy Blenis

Robert Bruininks and Susan Hagstrum

Darrell Butterwick

Judith A. Christensen

Mathew and Kristi Davis

Donald and Patricia Garofalo

David and Kim Hakensen

Marshall R. Hatfield*

Martha A. Head

James E. Johnson

Garrison Keillor

Tom Lewin

Hugh and Marilyn Madson

Bob and Carolyn Nelson

Kandi and Bart Osborn*

Irene M. Ott

Kenneth R. Skjegstad



Patron - $1,200+


Sarah J. Andersen

Jo and Gordon Bailey

Mary Pat Blake

Sheila and Brian Brommel

Bill and Susan Costello*

Elli Crosby

Michael and Celia Davis**

Mitch and Laurie Davis

Edward and Sherry Ann Dayton

Mary C. Dolan

Kirsten and Jack Driscoll

Richard and Jean Engebretson

Michael and Ann Farnell

Charlotte and Robert Gavin

Susan and Thomas Handley

Marion J. Handt

Louis F. and Kathrine E. Hill

Martha Hoffman

Virginia Hubbard

D. Ward and Charlotte Johnson

Fritz and Sharon Johnson

Kathleen Jones

Tom and Jean King

Russell and Karen Larsen

John Lavander and Nancy Owen

Kirby Law and Annette Hansen**

Otto Lind

Judith and Dale Lindstrom

Charlie and Teri Mahar

Malcolm W. and Patricia C. McDonald

Jerry Meigs

Debra and Dennis Meissner

Mary H. and J. Milo Meland

Eric T. Michael

Lucy and Bob Mitchell

Jacqueline S. Mithun ^

Robert and Sandra Morris

Meredith Matthew Musel

Michel and Barbara Nelson

Richard and Nancy Nicholson

Sallie O'Brien

Michael and Celeste O'Donnell

Linda Odegard and Harlan Cavert

Roger Peters and Lorna Reichl

Peter and Gene Pierce

Ralph R. Rayner

Peter and Mary Reyes

Karen L. Richner

Laura Roller

Paul and Diane Roth

Shelly and Steve Rucks

Earl S. Sanford and Barbara Flanagan Sanford*

Michael and Shirley Santoro

Jaclyn and Jim Schroeder

Jean and Mark Schroepfer

Barbara Storslee

Constance Sullivan

Joel and Elizabeth Sullivan

Jon and Glenda Tollefson

Paul and Carolyn Verret




* Charter Member 

^ Honorary 

** Matching Gift

^^ Deceased