North Star Circle

345 Kellogg Blvd W
Saint Paul, MN 55102


Erik Rogers
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North Star Circle Members

The Minnesota Historical Society gratefully acknowledges the following donors in our North Star Circle for their leadership support from July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014. These friends contributed a minimum of $1,200 to maintain the excellence of our on-going programs, sites and services.

The collective contributions of those recognized in our North Star Circle are the foundation of our annual support, providing nearly a million dollars.

Director's Circle - $50,000+

David^^ and Janis Larson

Guarantor - $25,000+

Suzanne Blue
Mark and Mary Davis*
David A. and Barbara G. Koch*
Betty and Whitney MacMillan*
Tom Youngren^

Founder - $10,000+

Terry and Sharon Avent*
Kathy and Jim Cargill
Peter and Patricia Frechette
Rosemary and David Good^
John and Ruth Huss*
Art and Martha Kaemmer*^
Charles and Hope Lea^
Susan and Edwin McCarthy*
Walter C. Parkins^
Ken and Nina Rothchild*
Margaret and Lee Skold^
Lee and Louise Sundet^
Emily Anne Staples Tuttle* and
Gedney^^ Tuttle

Partner - $5,000+

Leader - $2,500+

Pete and Margie Ankeny*
Peter W. and Sally A. Anson*
Nina and John Archabal*
Annette Atkins and Tom Joyce*
Richard and Mary Lyn Ballantine
Ford and Amy Bell*
Michael V. and Ann C. Ciresi
Judith and Richard Corson
Robert and Teri Crosby
Julia W. Dayton*
Ruth and Bruce Dayton*
Charlton Dietz*
Robin Dietz-Mayfield
Elizabeth Driscoll*
Jennifer Gross and Jerry LeFevre
Gerald and Patrice Halbach
Douglas R. Heidenreich*
O.C. Hognander, Jr.
Lucy Rosenberry Jones*
Robert and F. Alexandra Klas
Carl and Jan Kuhrmeyer
Norman Lorentzsen and Donna Boller
Dean M. Nelson**
Dean and Karin Phillips
Ruth Reister*
Elizabeth M. Ringer*
Curt and Joan Roy*
Hugh and Margaret Schilling*
Robert J. Sivertsen*
William Stoeri and Susan Johnston
Missy Thompson and Gar Hargens
Maxine H. Wallin*
Eleanor and Fred Winston*

Martha S. Anderson in memory of Keith Anderson
Mary Anne Anderson*
Martha and Bruce Atwater*
Bruce and Mary Bean*
Kathleen Blatz and Wheelock Whitney*
Robert Book and Elizabeth Cherne Book
W. Andrew^^ and Linda Boss*
Patrick J. Bradley and
Patty A. Carney-Bradley
Priscilla Brewster
Sandra and Peter Butler*
Nicky and Tom^^ Carpenter
Martin Chorzempa and Jane Miller
Chad and Maggie Dayton
Elisabeth J. Dayton
Katherine D. Doerr
Elise R. Donohue
D. Stephen and Diane Elliott
Eugene and Mary Frey
Robert and Susan Greenberg
Mr. and Mrs. Preston C. Haglin*
Mark and Kathryn Tokar Haidet*
Alfred and Ingrid Lenz Harrison*
Bill Hueg and Hella Mears Hueg
James E. Johnson
Wilford and Jean Johnson
Sylvia and Sam Kaplan*
Kirby Law and Annette Hansen**
Jim and Linda Lee
Peg and Dick Lidstad
John M. Loban
Thomas Mairs*
Deane C. and Nancy G. Manolis
Elisabeth C. Mason
Dick and Joyce H. McFarland
Daniel and Heidi McKeown
Harry G. McNeely, Jr.
Al and Mary Agnes McQuinn
Joanne Meyer
Robert and Marveen Minish^
Bob and Carolyn Nelson
Raleigh P. and Barbara B. Nelson
Thomas and Elizabeth Nordlie**
Tom and Laura Rasmussen
John and Lois Rogers*
Diane and Darryl Sannes**
Stephen W. and Maureen D. Schroeder
Kenneth R. Skjegstad
Jeff Thom
Kent and Kathy Thompson**
Renata Winsor
Warren and Margaret Zaccaro**

Patron - $1,200+

A long time friend of Minnesota
Russ and Kathy Adams
John and Catherine Agee*
Sarah J. Andersen
Clifford and Nancy Anderson
Rolf T. Anderson
John and Cherl Andrews
Allan L. Apter and Brenda Ion^
Charles and Peggy Arnason
Thomas J. Arneson
D. E. Aszmus
Jo and Gordon Bailey
Maria Bales
Gary T. Bank
Doug and Carolyn Barinsky
Becky Ruttger Bates
Shirlee Ruttger Bates*
William H. Beery Family
Gretchen Beito*
Arthur Bergstrom and Alice Stelling^
Diane Berthel*
Lynne and Paul Billings
Victoria Bleise
Dennis and Nancy Blenis
Kurt and Violet BlueDog
Gary and Sally Bluem
Susan Boren and Steve King
Will and Margee Bracken
Steve and Gail Brand
Sheila and Brian Brommel
Sue and Wolfie Browender
Robert Bruininks and Susan Hagstrum
Rodney and Barbara Burwell
Darrell Butterwick
Roger and Lois Carlson
Elsa Carpenter and Barney Barton
Judith A. Christensen
Sara and Edward Conley
James and Diane Cook^
Bill and Susan Costello*
John Crippen and Sheila Stuhlman
David and Kitty Crosby
Ellie Crosby
Robert and Gretchen Crosby
Betty Jayne Dahlberg*
Carol Daniels and Richard Jacker*^
Mathew and Kristi Davis
Michael and Celia Davis**
Mitch and Laurie Davis
Bob and Joanie Dayton*
Edward and Sherry Ann Dayton^
Cy and Paula DeCosse*
Mary C. Dolan
Mark Draper
Kirsten and Jack Driscoll
Carol M. Duff*
Peter and Isabelle Dyck
Michael L. Ellingsworth
Richard and Jean Engebretson
E. Eugene Engelbert^^
E. Duane and Marlene H. Engstrom
Michael and Ann Farnell
Mrs. Litton Field
Mr. and Mrs. Litton E. S. Field, Jr.^
Dr. George and Joan Fischer
John and Therese Fitch
Richard N. and Carol C. Flint^
Rodney H. Forristall
Rosanne Foster
Maryfaith and Michael Fox
Hillary Freeman and Carol Mork
Jane C. Freeman* and
Michael O. Freeman
Deb Frenzel*^
William and Ruth Frenzel
Gerald and Jan Freund
James and Mary Frey^
Pat Gaarder
Ram and Neena Gada
Mary Coquillette Gale^
Jack and Avis Galleger
Donald and Patricia Garofalo
Earl and Virginia Geiger
Agnes A. Gerlach
David and Terry Gilberstadt
Scotty and Peter Gillette
Robert and Phyllis Goff*
Bert and Susan Hill Gross
Earl Gutnik
Hannibal and Robbie Haase
David and Kim Hakensen
Jim and Sharon Hale
Marion J. Handt
Charles and Earleen Hanson
Leo and Moira Harris
Marshall R. Hatfield*
Michael J. Helgeson
Curtis Helmer
Peter Herzog and June Wheeler
Chris and Ann Hilger
Louis F. and Kathrine E. Hill^
Melanie Ruttger Hjelm and Rick Hjelm
Patrick and Kara Hobart
Wayne and Dianne Hoeschen
Martha Hoffman
Stanley S. and Karen Hubbard
Virginia Hubbard
Donald and Carin Huizenga
Karen A. and Charles W. Humphrey
Bruce E. and Terry L. Hutchins
Paul and Kathy Imle
Peggy Ingison
Philip and Ludmilla Isaacson
Betty Wold Johnson^
Fritz and Sharon Johnson
Gerald W. and Victoria Johnson
Janice A. Johnson
Peggy^^ and Sam Johnson
Bill and Susan Jolitz
Karen and Chuck Jonaitis
Janet N. Jones
Kathleen Jones
George and Karen Kaczor
Kevin and Andrea Kajer
Gloria Kaste
Martin and Esther Kellogg*
Dorothy Kettner^
Janet M. King
Tom and Jean King^
Margaret V. Kinney^
Marianne and Scott Kipp
John and Valerie Klobe^
Cynthia Kriha and James Eastman
Martin and Judith Kuretsky

Jeffrey and Gretchen Chesley Lang
Jami Ann and Joseph LaPray
Elaine and Arlyn Larson
Jean Mattson Larson and Mark Larson
John Lavander and Nancy Owen
Rolfe and Barbara Leary
Tom and Mary Gerry Lee
Allen and Kathy Lenzmeier
Jane Leonard and Loretto Lippert
Tom Lewin
Stephen and Sheila Lieberman
Otto Lind
John and Nancy Lindahl
Christine M. Linsmayer
Jean R. Ljungkull*
William and Katherine Mackenzie^
Hugh and Marilyn Madson
Charlie and Teri Mahar^
Rhoda and Don Mains
Dusty Mairs*
John and MaryAnne Mauriel
Roy and Dorothy Ode Mayeske
Robert W. Maynard
Donald W. McCarthy^
Robert and Polly McCrea^
Malcolm W. and Patricia C. McDonald
Aaron and Carol McGuire
Donald and Alice McIlrath*
C. McKay, MD^
William L. and Kathleen B. McReavy
Peg Meier and Rebecca Lindholm
Jerry Meigs
William C. Melton*
Mary E. Melzarek
Joseph S. and Jane Y. Micallef*
Evelyn Miller**
Alfred P. and Ann M. Moore
John and Jane Mooty^
Donna D. Morgan
Meredith Matthew Musel
Beth Achterling Naughton
Louis and Jean Nelson
Marybeth Nelson
Michel and Barbara Nelson
Stephen Nelson* **
Thomas and Jane Nelson
Dennis Nguyen
David and Barbara Nicholson
Todd and Martha Nicholson
Jo Ann and Jim Nordlie
Sallie O’Brien^
Marvin R. O’Connell^
Thomas Odendahl
Wallace G. Oliva^ in memory of
Jo Ann H. Oliva
Deborah R. Olson
John and Marla Ordway
Irene M. Ott
David and Valerie Pace
Roger Peters and Lorna Reichl^
Dwight and Marjorie Peterson
Elizabeth and Theodore Peyton
Kate K. Piper
George and Diane Power*
Randall A. Pratt^
Bob and Judy Prentiss
Ralph R. Rayner^
James W. Reagan
Joan and Bill Reiling
Franz and Margaret Reisdorf
Thomas and Carolyn Richards^
Roderick Riese^
James E. Robasse*
Anita Robeson and Jerry Johnson
Sandra Bemis Roe
Jon and Delores Roeder
Judge James D. Rogers and
Leanna M. Rogers^
Jim and Sheren Rogne
Thomas and Gwynn Rosen^
Paul and Diane Roth^
Vincent and Barbara Ruane
Shelly and Steve Rucks
Jill and Neil Rudnitski
John C. and Jacqueline Salisbury
Laura and Luther Salveson
Earl S. Sanford and
Barbara Flanagan Sanford*
Michael and Shirley Santoro
Timothy and Mary Scanlan
Charles and Birgitta Schoen
Jaclyn and Jim Schroeder
Jean and Mark Schroepfer^
Patricia Schuster
John and Jane Sieff
Dave and Linda Simpkins
Anne D. Simpson
Robert B. Singer^
Gail V. Sit*
Jack Spillane
RoxAnn M. Splittstozer
Robert S. and Jean Spong
Larry G. Steiner
Sharron and Oren Steinfeldt*
Donald Steinkraus**
Patrick T. and Susan Kenny Stevens
Edward C. and Virginia L. Stringer
Joel and Elizabeth Sullivan
Lory and Rick Sutton
Lloyd Svendsbye^^
Henry and Virginia Sweatt
Laura and Matt Tanner
Eve and Michelle Terrell
Jon and Lea Theobald
Karen Wilson Thissen and Paul Thissen
David Tinjum and Kim Eslinger
Jon and Glenda Tollefson
Elsie Trapp^
Noelle Pidcock Turner and Jeff Turner
Stephanie Cain Van D’Elden
Larry and Suzanne Vanden Plas
Ben and Debrah Vander Kooi
Mary W. Vaughan
Paul and Carolyn Verret
General and Mrs. John Vessey
Joanne Von Blon
Mary Ann and David Wark*
Dr. Ann and David Wasson*
Elizabeth Wexler
Nancy and Ted Weyerhaeuser
Carole Wilson
Molly and Bill Woehrlin
Margie M. and Milton K. Woodhouse
Ted and Fran Yoch
Edward J. Zapp*

* Charter Member
^ Honorary
** Matching Gift
^^ Deceased