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Take-Down Procedure

In making collections available online, the Minnesota Historical Society acts in good faith, gives credit to rights holders when possible, and respectfully provides access to culturally valuable materials.

If you access collection material through the MNHS website and you wish to contest its inclusion online because you believe:
  • you hold the copyright to material, you have not given permission for use, and the use is not covered by an exception to copyright law;
  • the copyright holder (besides yourself) has not given permission for use, and the use is not covered by an exception to copyright law;
  • inclusion of the material violates your rights of privacy or otherwise; or
  • the material contains content that may be regarded as culturally sensitive.
Please complete the “Take-Down Request” form
Upon receipt of your request the Minnesota Historical Society staff will:
  • Review your request to determine if enough information has been provided.
  • Notify you of the receipt of your request via email or other form of communication if you do not have email, and indicate if additional information is needed.
  • Assess the validity of your request given the information you have provided MNHS staff may, at their discretion, remove material from online access during the assessment process.
Upon completion of the assessment, staff will take appropriate action and notify you of the outcome. Potential actions may include:
  • the material will remain unchanged and remain online for unrestricted access;
  • the material will remain unchanged, but online access outside the Gale Family Library will be restricted for a period of time;
  • a redacted version of the material will be made accessible online; or 
  • the material is deemed culturally sensitive to such a degree that it will be removed from online access.
If you have any additional questions regarding this “take-down” procedure, please send them to: