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Using the Library

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Ordering Microfilm Reproductions

The Minnesota Historical Society can reproduce many reels of its microfilm collection for purchase. These copies may be used for study, teaching, and research purposes only.  


Find your microfilm


  • Search the online library catalog by the newspaper’s title.
  • Search results can be limited by selecting "Newspaper Microfilm" on the left side panel
  • Click the desired title in the search results
  • In the record, select the location "Gale Family Library Newspaper Microfilm"
  • On the location page is a list of dates for the title. One line of dates is equal to one reel of microfilm
  • Specific dates can found by clicking the filter icon, then clicking "Volume" to select a year
  • Please note: The Minnesota Historical Society cannot distribute newspaper microfilm to private individuals.  For more information, send an inquiry to  


  • Search the online library catalog by the title of the collection or name of the author.
  • Click on the desired collection from your search results
  • Please note: Most records will indicate if microfilm reproductions can be purchased. An inquiry can also be sent to to find out if film can be reproduced.

State Archive Records


Fill out a Microfilm Reproduction Order Form

Indicate the titles, dates, or call numbers of the microfilm. Order forms can be emailed ( or mailed.


  • Reproduction: $90 per microfilm reel
  • Shipping:  $2.50 for 1 to 6 reels; $2.50 for each additional 6 reels
  • Payment can be made by credit card or check. Institutions can be invoiced.

Turn-Around Time

Microfilm reproductions are made at an offsite lab. Processing time from the order date is 12 to 16 weeks. Large orders may require additional processing time.