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Legacy Research Fellowships

The Minnesota Historical Society is pleased to announce the Legacy Research Fellowships.  Eligibility for these Fellowships is open to any post-collegiate Minnesota scholar who is engaged in Minnesota-related research/scholarship that draws on the Gale Library resources and that intends to add to the body of knowledge and interpretation of Minnesota's history (pre- and post-statehood). Independent Scholars and scholars, including graduate students, not eligible for funding through employment at academic institutions are especially encouraged to apply.
Fellows will work at the Gale Library at the Minnesota History Center and will interact with Society staff. Awards of $1,000 or $5,000 are available to successful applicants. Applications will be evaluated according to how well a proposal directly relates to the library's research resources, fulfills the requirements of the particular fellowship for which the candidate is applying, and has the potential to further the Society’s broader mission of educating and engaging public and scholarly audiences about Minnesota History and Cultural Heritage.

The first round of grants has been completed. Guidelines for the second round will be posted soon.