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History Topics are Moving!

Most of our old History Topics pages are now part of our new, easier-to-use Research Guides system!


The Minnesota Historical Society Library has been updating our older History Topics webpages.  These pages were subject-based guides for starting research on a variety of Minnesota-related subjects, including people, events, organizations, and political and social movements.  They were meant to be a useful starting point for students, as well as scholars, teachers, and any other researchers interested in their subjects.        


To date, over 65 History Topics have been revised, updated, and moved to the new Research Guides system.  Users can see guides that fall into subject categories--just as they could before--but now they can also browse all guides, see the most recent guides, or utilize a wide variety of tags to find the guides that will be most helpful in their research.


There are still some guides that have not yet been moved to the new system, but don't worry!  They will be updated and moved as soon as possible.  Until then, they can be accessed using the links below: