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Copy Request Service

If visiting the library is not a good option, staff can make photocopies or PDF scans of specific materials and send them to researchers via US Mail or email through our Copy Request service.

Note: If you are interested in copying materials as an on-site researcher, please see our Copying Library Materials FAQ page.

What is the Photocopy Request Service?

  • Meant for off-site researchers who know exactly what they want copied and can provide a specific citation (a folder in an archival collection, a range of page numbers within a book, an article in a journal, etc.)
  • A copying service rather than a research service; it does not include researching which materials within a collection are applicable to your topic. If you need more general research services or assistance, please see our Research Services webpage.
  • Compliant with the restrictions of US Copyright Law.
  • Different from Interlibrary Loan (ILL): In many cases materials in microfilm format can be borrowed via ILL through your local public or university library.

In order to make use of this service, you should:

  1. Search in the Library's catalog and/or online finding aids to find what you would like copied
  2. Complete the Copy Request Form with a specific citation telling us what you would like copied. Incomplete requests will be returned.
  3. Send the completed form--with payment information--to us via US Mail or email. We accept requests sent via email, but do NOT recommend sending credit card information in email due to security issues.
  4. Please note:
    • A single order can include copies from 1 published item or up to 3 boxes from the same collection. Orders for copies from more than one collection/item or from more than 3 boxes will be separated into multiple orders.
    • We will not process your order until payment is received.
    • Some materials are not suitable for copying/scanning, due to their fragility or copyright restrictions. Others may require special handling and/or equipment and copying will incur additional fees.


Costs and Payment

  • Prepayment is required and non-refundable. We will not process your order until payment is received.
  • The total cost of the order will be the request fee plus per page copying/scanning charges and any applicable handling charges (see below).
  • The request fee for MN residents is $12.00; Non-MN residents pay $15.00. Shipping by US Mail is included, but emailed and unusually large mail orders will incur additional handling fees.
  • Staff cannot provide photocopy cost or page count estimates in advance.
  • Copies of printed materials are:
    • 8.5" x 11" or 8.5" x 14": $0.20 each
    • 11" x 17": $0.25 each
    • Oversized bound materials: $1.00 per page
    • Oversized flat materials: $5 per linear foot (up to 36" width)
    • Copies from microfilm or microfiche are $0.50 each.
  • Credit card is the preferred method of payment.
    • If paying by credit card, please note a maximum charge limit on the request form. You will then be contacted if additional funds are needed to complete your request.
    • If paying by check, make the check payable to the Minnesota Historical Society in an amount appropriate to the size of your request. Underpayment will delay your order; if additional funds are needed we will notify you before finishing your request. Please note: At this time we are unable to refund any over-payment made by check. Any extra funds on orders paid by check will be considered a donation.
  • Minnesota Historical Society members receive a 10% discount. Visit our Membership page to find out how to become a Society member.


Turn-Around Time


  • Regular service

    • As much as 30 business days dating from the receipt of payment
  • Rush service:

    • Sent within 5 business days, dating from the receipt of payment
    • 500 page maximum on rush orders.
    • There is a $0.05 per page additional fee for rush service.
    • There is no standard rush shipping option. If rush delivery is required, adding both email delivery & rush service is advised.




  • US Mail

    • Up to 100 photocopies can be sent via US Mail for no additional charge
    • Larger orders will incur additional shipping fees
  • Email

    • Black-and-white, photocopy quality scans can be sent via email. If you need a higher resolution or a color scan, please request using our Image Order form.
    • There is an additional fee of $0.10 per page for email copies.
    • Email copies may be delivered as an attachment to an email or through our secure file sharing/delivery system.