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Copy Request Services

What is a Copy Request?

  • The Copy Request services we offer are for researchers who are unable to visit the library to view the materials in person.  They are not in-depth research services. 
  • For all Copy Request services, staff will make low-resolution, black-and-white PDF scans of specific materials in the MNHS collection. 
  • All copies are made for research purposes only and services are compliant with the restrictions of US copyright law.
  • If you need paper copies:  This copy service is specifically designed to provide digital scans. This allows us to provide materials to researchers faster, more efficiently, and less expensively than if we sent paper copies.  However, we recognize that some researchers need their materials in hard copy.  If you require paper copies, please contact us at
  • If you need high-resolution scans: This service is not designed to produce scans that are appropriate for publication, broadcast, or further reproduction.  For higher-resolution scans of pages, documents, or photographs, please submit an Image Order  



Scans are sent via email from and are sent as attachments whenever possible. If the files are too large, they will be uploaded to our file sharing site and you will receive a notification email with a link to the site where you can download the file(s).  These messages sometimes end up in spam or junk folders, so be sure to check those as well as your inbox.


Copy Request (Book or Article) - available now!

 The following materials can be requested at this time:  
  • A specific article from a periodical*
  • Specific pages from a book* (or the whole book if it was published before 1923) 

**These are also available through Interlibrary Loan. Talk to your local public or academic library about submitting an Interlibrary Loan request on your behalf. 

Placing a Request:

  1. Decide what you want copied:
    • Search the Library & Archives catalog to locate the book or journal you want copied
    • If you need assistance searching the library’s catalog or the Collection Finding Aids, please contact the library by email at or by phone at 651-259-3300.
  2. From the catalog record, make note of:
    • The title of the periodical or book
    • The title/date of the article
    • The call number from the record (for example, F612.R29 R675 1904)
    • Page numbers or chapter(s) of the book/article
  3. Determine the total number of pages you want copied:  
    • An amount range must be given to submit your order
    • The record will also indicate the number of pages in the “Format” line (in the linked example above, the record indicates the book is 12 pages long).
    • If you are unsure of the pages/chapters you need in a book, a table of contents and/or index can be sent to you free of charge. Please submit a separate order, indicating "index" and/or "table of contents" in the "Pages to Copy" box and selecting the 0 to 25 pages ($0) option.  
  4. Submit your order in the MNHS Online Store:

About Copyrighted Items:

  • Books published before 1924 can usually be copied in their entirety. 
  • One chapter of a later, copyrighted book can usually be copied without any additional permissions required.
  • If you would like more than one chapter of a post-1924 book, contact before ordering.  We will determine how much of the book we can copy for you at that time and send further instructions. 
  • This service is compliant with the restrictions of US Copyright Law. Please do not place separate orders for multiple chapters in the same book in an attempt to circumvent copyright law. 

Costs for Copy Request (Book or Article):

1 to 25 pages Free
26 to 50 pages $5.00
51 to 100 pages  $10.00
101 to 200 pages $20.00
Over 200 pages Email for price quote


Copy Request (folders from boxes)available now!

The following materials can be requested at  this time
  • Folders from manuscript collections
  • Folders from county and state archives
  • Folders from other archival collections
The following materials cannot be copied through this service
  • Records available through other library Research Services
  • Oversize items such as maps or blueprints**
  • Ledger books or volumes**
  • Audiovisual materials ***
  • Records on microfilm
  • Folders containing "Restricted" records^ 
  • Photographs in the Collections Online database**
** submit an Image Order instead
*** submit a submit a Media Reproduction Order instead
See more information regarding restricted collections

Placing a Request:

  1. Locate the finding aid of the collection that interests you:
  2. Make note of:
    • The title of the collection
    • The name/title/brief description of the folder(s) you want copied, as listed
    • The corresponding location and box number for the folder(s)
      • There is not always a box number in addition to the location (for example, if there is only one box in the collection). If this is the case, no need to enter a box number. Or type “no box #” after the location number)
  3. Submit an order in the MNHS Online Store:

Special Formats:

  • If a requested folder contains any audio-visual or oversize materials (including maps or blueprints), a placeholder sheet with item information will be scanned in lieu of that item.  Information on requesting a copy of the special format(s) will be included when the scans are emailed.  

Costs for Copy Request (folders from boxes):

1 folder


2 folders $5
3 folders $10
4 folders $15
5 folders $20
6 folders $25
7 folders $30
8 folders $35
9 folders $40
10 folders $45
More than 10 folders please contact for a quote