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FAQ - Scholarly Research

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Scholarly Research


63 Q. How do I start a search for a scholarly research project?


Begin by identifying relevant resources from MNHS's collection. See How can I search MNHS’s holdings? in this FAQ.


Q. How do I find references to my topic in MNHS’s journal, Minnesota History?


All but the last 5 years of Minnesota History is available online with full-text searching. A subject index is also available.


Articles from Minnesota History can also be found by searching the library catalog.


Q. How can I find topics that are well documented in MNHS's collection with a variety of secondary and primary sources?


See the History Topics webpage.


Q. How do I find visual material in your collections?


Start with the Collections Online database and search for places, events, and people. Search the library catalog for “photograph album?” and “photograph collection?” to find other material.In addition to photo albums & collections, many manuscript and government records collections also contain photographs which are not in the Visual Resources Database.


For moving images, search the library catalog for your topic and limit your search in the drop-down menu to Moving Images.


Q. May I borrow material from MNHS's collections on interlibrary loan?


Items available for Interlibrary Loan are microfilms for which MNHS has negative copies. Much of what can be loaned are Minnesota newspapers from 1849-2010. Some large manuscript and government record collections have also been microfilmed. For details and charges, see the Interlibrary Loan webpage.


Q. How do I request permission to quote from MNHS's manuscript collections?


You are welcome to quote from material in MNHS's collections, with the following provisions:

  • You have read the catalog records and inventories of relevant collections to see if there are restrictions on using the material. If restrictions are found, please let us know which of the collections you’d like to quote from are restricted and we will investigate further. In these cases, we will assist you in complying with the restrictions and conditions.
  • Use of quotations must fall under the fair use provision of the United States copyright law. It is the author’s responsibility to make "fair use" decisions.
  • You must credit the Minnesota Historical Society and the name of the collection.

There is no charge for quoting from the collections.