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FAQ - Copying

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Copying Library Materials


Q. Can items from the Library be copied?


Photocopies and reproductions may be ordered from the Copy Services window in the Weyerhaeuser Reading Room. Most items in the collections may be copied, but copying of some items may be restricted due to fragile condition or in accordance with donor contracts, copyright or privacy laws. If you have questions about the copying status of a specific item, consult with the Reference Staff.

The copyright law of the United States (Title 17, U.S. Code) applies to all materials in MNHS’s collections. In addition, permission must be obtained from the Minnesota Historical Society to publish or display any items copied from MNHS's collections.


Q. How much does copying cost?


For more information on copying costs of all kinds—photocopies, media duplication, images, etc.—see the Copy Services Price List.


Q. Can I use my digital camera to take photographs of items when I visit?


Camera use is allowed under certain guidelines, but flash photography is never allowed. See the Camera Use Policy and ask at the reference desk before taking any photographs.


A copy stand area is available by appointment for patrons wishing to photograph items from MNHS’s collections.  There is a use fee of $2.00 per hour, which covers the cost of the lights.  Call (651) 259-3301 to reserve the stand.


Q. Can I use my own flat-bed or hand-held scanner to make digital scans of items?

Because many of our materials are fragile, we do not allow patrons to use their own scanners. However, you can order full color scans of many of the items in our collections. Please see more information about ordering digital scans or print copies on our Ordering and Licensing Images FAQ page.


68 Music Copying ProjectQ. Can I have something copied and sent to me without visiting the Library?


If your search of the library catalog or finding aids page turns up a published item or a group of specific materials within a collection that you would like copied, you can submit what we call a Specific Citation Photocopying Request. More information about this service is available on our Research Services webpage, under the heading “Other Research Request Options.”


Our Research Services webpage also lists a variety of options for basic research services. When you submit a research request, our staff will search for a particular record, document, or newspaper article, and will send you copies of the materials found.


Q. Why do copies of birth certificates cost more than regular photocopies?


The Minnesota Historical Society follows the state statute governing the charges for birth certificates (see Minnesota Statutes, 144.226).


Q. How can I get a copy of a photograph or image?


See the Ordering or Licensing Images section of this FAQ for more information about obtaining copies of images from the collection.


Q. Can I have copies made of audio recordings, videos, or films?


Some of the audio-visual materials in our collections can be duplicated. For these types of copy requests, you should submit a completed Media Duplication Request Form.