Jeffers Petroglyphs
27160 County Road 2
Comfrey, MN 56019


Closed until May 27, 2017.
Memorial Day Weekend-Labor Day:
Mon 10 am-5 pm
Wed-Sat 10 am-5 pm
Sun Noon-5 pm
Open Memorial Day, July 4 and Labor Day, 10 am-5 pm
Sat 10 am-5 pm
Call 507-628-5591 for group tours.


  • $8 adults
  • $6 seniors and college students
  • $6 children ages 5-17
  • Free for children age 4 and under and MNHS members.



2017 Feb 27

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Signature Events

Jeffers Petroglyphs holds many special events and programs throughout the year. Please check our calendar of events for upcoming dates and complete list of events.

A New Look at the Carvings

A New Look at the Carvings

Explore the rock face in bare feet from 5-7 pm, to see some of the newly uncovered petroglyphs that are located away from the regular path. Visitors can explore on their own, but an interpreter will be available to answer questions and direct visitors to carvings. Over the past several years, an extensive conservation project identified an additional 3,000 petroglyphs, which until recently have been covered in lichen. Visitors should be prepared for walking on uneven surfaces.


Adventures in Nature

Adventures in Nature

Offered each day at 2 p.m. the Adventures in Nature program is a hands-on way to learn about American Indian culture and prairie life. Topics rotate weekly and include: American Indian Games, Winter Count, Atlatl, Prairie Tour and Travois.


American Indian Survival Skills

Make a Spearthrower Day

Learn about the atlatl, or spearthrower, considered by many anthropologists to be one of the world's greatest inventions.  Make an atlatl and try throwing spears at a bison target.  A collection of atlatls from around the world will be on display.  


Celebrate the Garden Harvest

First Harvest on the Prairie

One thousand years ago the people of Minnesota, Iowa and the Northern Plains were farmers as well as hunters, growing crops like sweet corn. The ripening of the first sweet corn was a time of plenty that was celebrated with the Green Corn festival. Visit Jeffers Petroglyphs for a taste of fire roasted sweet-corn, bean soup and other seasonal foods while learning about the people of the Great Plains Village period. Guests will also learn how New World farmers invented crops that changed the world.