Forest History Center
2609 County Road 76
Grand Rapids, MN 55744


June 11 - Sept. 3, 2018:
Tues-Sat 10 am-5 pm
Closed Sun and Mon
Open July 4, 10 am-5 pm
Sept. 4 - Dec 31, 2018:
Saturday 10 am-4 pm
Call 218-327-4482 for group tours and school field trips.


  • $10 adults
  • $8 seniors
  • $8 college students
  • $8 veterans and active military
  • $6 children 5-17
  • Free for children 4 and under
  • Free for MNHS members



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Signature Events

The Forest History Center presents a variety of special events and attractions, such as living-history characters, museums and self-guided tours. Visit our calendar of events for upcoming dates.

Christmas In The Logging Camp

Christmas In The Logging Camp

Minnesota winters are legendary. Years ago hearty lumberjacks toiled in logging camps cutting big timber between freeze up and break up. North Woods Number One, the Forest History Center's historically re-created logging camp, comes to life under a blanket of snow during this yearly event. Join the camp crew as they get ready to celebrate Christmas in the logging camp. Take in the smell of wood smoke, feel the warmth being cast off from the barrel stoves, enjoy the smell of fresh baked cookies and take a ride on a horse drawn sleigh. Bring your camera to get your picture taken with Santa.


Be A Lumberjack Children's Day

Be A Lumberjack Family Day

Special hands on activities will capture children's imaginations by immersing them in the lives of lumber camp workers from the early 1900s. At the camp children can help saw wood, count beans, wash the linens, bake cookies, stamp a log or even scoop up “road apples”. Then its times for fun with games like prune in a spoon races, raisin spitting, stump-jumping and more.


The Great Minnesota Pie Extravaganza

The Great Minnesota Pie Extravaganza

A good cook and plenty of food held a logging camp together. While meat, potatoes and beans were the cook shack staples, it was the pies the men loved most. Cooks worked with ingredients they had on hand to make delicious and wholesome pies. This event allows visitors to compare and contrast pies served in the logging camps with modern day creations. Visitors are encouraged to bring a recipe to share.


Real Horse Power

 Real Horse Power Day

The draft horse powered much of America well into the 20th century. Logging and lumbering, one of the nations largest and most important industries relied heavily on the powerful Percheron draft horse to move the huge white pine logs from the forest to landings on the river. This event features horses doing traditional tasks such as skidding, cross hauling and jammer loading. See draft horses up close and talk to the teamsters. Bring your camera.


Into the Woods

Into the Woods

Step Into the Woods on Saturdays from September through April and experience the magic and splendor of forests while learning about the challenges of managing them as economic, recreational, cultural and natural resources. Enjoy presentations and programs by naturalists, birders, foresters, artists, storytellers, musicians, historians and others, as well as special exhibits.