Forest History Center
2609 County Road 76
Grand Rapids, MN 55744


Labor Day-June 10:
Sat 10 am-4 pm
Sun noon-4 pm

Closed on Easter (April 16)

Also open for special events.

June 11-Labor Day:
Daily 10 am-5 pm

Open July 4 and Labor Day, 10 am-5 pm

Call 218-327-4482 for group tours.



  • $10 adults
  • $8 seniors and college students
  • $6 children 5-17
  • Free for children 4 and under and MNHS members.



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Forest Adventures Program


With outdoor classes at the Forest History Center, and traveling trunks loaned to classroom teachers, Forest Adventures makes learning an active, exciting experience.

Economic, social, political, recreational and environmental topics are introduced in engaging, memorable ways. Guided by naturalists, students are encouraged to analyze and process information, then formulate their own ideas.

Outdoor Classroom Programs

Forest Adventures classes take students through outdoor learning stations for hands-on educational experiences that incorporate Minnesota state academic standards. A sample of the classes we offer:

  • Squirrel's World (Grade 4)

    A look at the forest from a red squirrel's perspective.
  • White Tail Trail (Grade 5)

    The ways of the white-tailed deer, explored through a highly interactive game.
  • Cruising Giants (Grade 6)

    The life cycle of the white pine and sustainable forest management, incorporating math and science.
  • Stomping on Winter: Snowshoe Adventures (Grades 3-6)

    Introductory snowshoeing with lessons on nature, winter and basic survival skills.
  • Products from the Past: "P" is for Paper

    The many products derived from the forest, forest management for sustainability, and the paper-making process.

Traveling Trunks for Teachers

The Forest Adventure program also loans trunks to teachers for preparatory work in their classrooms. Trunk topics include:

A Growing Program

Additional classes are being developed for the Forest Adventures program. For the most current listings, call 218-327-4482.

"As teachers, we were impressed with the knowledge of the presenters and their understanding of students' developmental needs and personalities. The presenters were able to make the learning interesting and provided hands-on experiences."